I'm on a Low - Lyrics

I’m on a low
It’s not you, no
It’s just the way that I’ve been built

Built on guilt
Guilt and sand
It’s a miracle this house could ever stand

And sometimes life leaves me feeling thus
Feeling just a bit non-plussed
No arguments can help me now
So please don’t start
Just leave it out
You only need to know
I’m on a low

I’m in a state
You can’t relate
It’s just my time is never free

Free for me
Me and you
You seem so surprised I think about you too

Yes I know sometimes now and again
It feels this pain will never end
I’m sorry this is less than fun
And we can’t end what we’ve begun
I’m sorry it’s not great
I’m in a state

Yes from the outside I can see
It’s not much fun to be with me
At times like this when you’re alone
Yet I’m right here
Right in this room
But really this is part of me
You want it all?
This comes for free
I just need you to know

I’m on a low
It’s not you, no
That’s all I know
I’m on a low

Lyrics copyright © 2022 Mark CBH. All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission.